My P6 class has been cracking on with developing their 3D software skills for BBC Scotland’s Build It Scotland project. The aim is to use 3D CAD software like Tinkercad, SketchUp and Minecraft to build 3D versions of their favourite Scottish landmarks which will then be place on a virtual map of the whole of Scotland. It’s an ambitious and exciting project and has so far presented many real opportunities for enjoyable challenge, problem solving and PLAY using digital technology. Also, the tutorials on the…Continue Reading “Build It Scotland: part 1”

What’s a Rube Goldberg Machine? Well, until today, I didn’t know either. Think of the crazy inventions in Wallace and Gromit or the device that opens the gate door for Chunk in The Goonies, after he does the truffle shuffle! Rube Goldberg was an American cartoonist who drew cartoons that depicted the completion of simple tasks in ridiculously complicated ways. In the UK we would also call it a ‘Heath Robinson contraption.’ Why am I talking about this? Because of this music video by Ok…Continue Reading “Rube Goldberg Machine”

  I started school in 1980. My p1 teacher’s name was Mrs Tullock. I thought she was lovely. At the end of p1 I placed a penny in a tictac box to remember her. I only remember 5 things about primary 1. 1. I remember getting a gold star for the neatest colouring in of a circle.  It was the most perfectly coloured in circle in the history of that forgotten sport. 2. I was the only person to get an orange snow plough tractor…Continue Reading “Lochgelly Tawse”

I love reading out loud to my class. There is nothing sweeter than when a book grabs their collective attention, and they are seated spellbound, imaginations lost deep within the tale; only pausing to breathe at the exact moment you turn the page. Roald Dahl is the master of writing books to read out loud. They skip, weave, duck and dive effortlessly through emotions ranging from slapstick humour, adventure, danger and pathos. It’s no surprise that books like the BFG began as bedtime stories for…Continue Reading “The right not to finish a book”

My name is Athole McLauchlan and this blog is my new professional portfolio. I had a short lived one previously here and a slightly better loved travel blog here I live and work as a primary teacher in Glasgow with my partner Kathy and our two amazing young children, Jamie and Rosalyn. Why is it called ‘through the windae’? (Through the window) One of my favourite Scottish films is Gregory’s Girl, a beautifully observed and hilarious film about teenage awkwardness and football, set in the near-future vision…Continue Reading “Let’s get on with it, shall we.”