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Bearsden Primary School in East Dunbartonshire are experimenting using Yammer as a social media channel for learners and learning.

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Athole McLauchlan, Acting Principal Teacher at the school, has provided a detailed response to our questions about the use and experience of Glow generally and Yammer specifically .

What is it that you and your class are doing?

– We are currently experimenting with using Yammer as a social media channel for learners and learning. We are learning from each other and other learners and teachers as we go.


How you’re doing that?

– We are using articles from the UNCRC and also the 5 Rights Framework as our entry point. This has helped us to modify a Glow Charter from another school and to discuss and take ownership of how we envisage this new digital space to work. Everyone has signed up to the Glow Charter and we will constantly revisit it to keep the Rights based approach to learning firmly at the centre of all that we are doing.

BP Charter

Our Digital Leaders have joined the Digital Leaders group with Yammer and we have experimented with a #YamJam. A #YamJam is a live social media chat. We were joined by at least 2 other schools and lots of teachers. It was fantastic to see how the kids shared their experiences of being Digital Leaders with each other and chatted with adults too.


We started with one P6 class but are now beginning to introduce all 2nd Level classes to Yammer. We have a dedicated group  for primary pupils but they are also welcome to join other groups and even start their own.


We also have a dedicated Yammer group linked to our 0365 Video channel. This is a work in progress but we see this as being a space that works in a similar way to the comments thread in YouTube, and provides a direct way to feedback and reflect on learning.

Why you’re doing that?

– All the groups are ‘public’ within Yammer which means that anyone can see what write or share. This is really important in creating spaces for pupil involvement which are open to all learners but also for the pupils to reflect and consider carefully what they share before they press the send button.

We want the pupils to take ownership of the space and some pupils have really got involved with creating Yammer polls and contributing to other groups such as InstaYam – which is a Yammer version of Instagram.


What is the impact on learning and teaching?

– The challenge is to reflect and consider how we can use Yammer to compliment and enhance learning. In the short space of time we have been using it has been beneficial in two ways: 1) allowing pupils to interact with pupils from another school and area; and 2) allowing teachers to share and discuss teaching and learning with each other.

Yammer has the potential to be the ‘go to’ social media channel for both Scottish teachers and learners. We are looking to develop it further by creating a P7 transition group to bring together P7 pupils in the cluster and also build on the 0365 Video use by commenting on videos from other schools – and making links that way too.

We have even bought some real Yam Jam, which is a sweet purple spread made from the purple Yam. Unfortunately, in real life it is neither very purple not tasty!

By Athole McLauchlan

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