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The Secret of the Kelpie

The Secret of the KelpieThe Secret of the Kelpie by Lari Don
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Stunning illustrations and a story that doesn’t shy away from the darker elements of the Scottish myth of water horses.
Wee Flora is an inspired little character and reminded me of Small from Levi Penfold’s Black Dog. Secret of the Kelpie doesn’t do dry humour like Black Dog, though. There is no pretence, the Kelpie really does want to eat the children.
Classic wintertime bedtime story.

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4.1 rating based on 84 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 178250253X
ISBN-13: 9781782502531
Goodreads: 28763258

Author(s): Publisher: Floris Books
Published: 5/15/2016

"Every loch in Scotland, however beautiful, has its cold, dark depths. And every loch in Scotland has its kelpie. But it's easy to forget those dangers on a sunny afternoon..." Flora is playing with her brothers and sisters by the loch when she notices a stunning white horse. While her siblings clamour for a chance to ride the beautiful animal, Flora is worried. Where has this strange horse come from? Why are its hoof prints wet? Too late Flora realises this is no horse! It's a kelpie: a shape-shifting water horse from Scottish folklore known to steal children. Can Flora reveal the secret of the kelpie in time to save her family? The kelpie, once a lesser-known creature of Scottish mythology, is now enjoying legendary status as Andy Scott's magnificent Kelpies statues have become a world-famous tourist attraction. The classic tale of the kelpie is wonderfully retold for 4-7 year olds in this gripping adaptation by renowned Scottish children's author and storyteller Lari Don, with breathtaking illustrations by artist Philip Longson.


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